In October, the national steel billet price or first up and then down

In October, the national steel billet price or first up and then down

First ,Price trend of international steel market in September

As of September 27, the international steel price index of my steel was 103.96, and the global steel price index was 213.2, down 1.4 month on month. Billet CIS quoted $475 / ton (CFR China), month-on-month increase of $25 / ton; Billet price in the Middle East of 510 US dollars/ton (CFR China), monthly increase of 5 US dollars/ton, foreign prices increased, import volume decreased.


Second, the overall review of the domestic billet market in September

1, the domestic billet price shock downward

September domestic billet prices showed a downward trend, September 27, Tangshan billet factory price 3470 yuan/ton, monthly down 80 yuan/ton, Tangshan billet storage spot price 3530 yuan/ton, monthly down 90 yuan/ton. The price of steel billet in Jiangsu market is 3490 yuan/ton, down 80 yuan/ton month-on-month. The price difference between the north and the south is upside down 40 yuan/ton, and the prices of billets in East China and North China are weaker, but the market prices in North China are still higher than the prices in East China, and the upside down is difficult to repair in the short term.

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2. The overall cost of billet is becoming stronger

Mysteel27 survey shows: this week Tangshan mainstream sample steel mill average hot metal excluding tax cost of 2,789 yuan/ton, the average billet tax cost of 3,618 yuan/ton, week on week increased 56 yuan/ton, compared with September 27 current billet factory price 3470 yuan/ton, steel mill average loss of 148 yuan/ton, week on month increased 156 yuan/ton.

The second round of coke increase has been fully implemented, with a cumulative increase of 200-220 yuan/ton so far. On the supply side, some coal prices have been revised back, but most remain high, the cost pressure of coke enterprises still exists, the current production enthusiasm is general, and the factory maintains low inventory operation; In terms of demand, steel prices are down and raw material prices are rising, and the loss margin of steel mills is further expanded, but the high output of molten iron, coupled with the coming of the National Day holiday, steel mills have not finished replenishment action, coke demand is supported, and coke prices are expected to be strong in the short term; Iron ore: the holiday is approaching, most traders have risk-aversion, choose to take the initiative to reduce their own inventory, so the current regional port tradable resources reduce, while most steel enterprises have completed the pre-holiday replenishment, procurement demand is also significantly reduced, so regional iron ore prices to maintain a strong and volatile trend. In terms of variety, steel enterprises sintering limited production has not ended, block ore prices are still strong, since the end of August and the beginning of September, block ore and powder ore price spread has gradually expanded to a medium high position, the next holiday, market trading will be significantly reduced, short-term powder block price spread is expected to remain at the current level, after the festival to focus on sintering limited production policy changes and resources to the port situation.

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3, blast furnace capacity utilization decreased

13 of 89 blast furnaces in Tangshan have been repaired (including those that have not been dismantled or replaced for a long time), and the total volume of the repaired blast furnaces is 9290m3; The weekly output is about 207,300 tons, and the weekly capacity utilization rate is 91.89%, up 1.63 percentage points from last week and 2.19 percentage points from the same period last month. It is expected that individual steel mills in Tangshan have blast furnace and rolling line maintenance plans in October.

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Post time: Oct-01-2023