Traders winter storage in progress, next week steel prices or narrow fluctuations

Traders winter storage in progress, next week steel prices or narrow fluctuations

This week, the national construction steel prices rose slightly, the weekly price rose 24 yuan/ton. The apparent demand for thread was 2,175,500 tons, which fell 10,800 tons from the previous quarter, and the financial disk was weak and finished, and the demand slowed down slightly. On the supply side, the weekly production of rebar was 2,341,700 tons, down 82,400 tons from the previous quarter, caused by the overhaul and conversion of steel mills in the long process, and the total inventory was 6,491,200 tons, an increase of 166,200 tons from the previous quarter, of which most of the increment was social inventory, mainly the transfer of factory storage to social storage, and traders’ winter storage was in progress.
As of January 26, the average price of 20mm three-level seismic rebar in major cities across the country was 4048 yuan/ton, up 24 yuan/ton week on week; The average price of 8.0mmHPB300 high line is 4250 yuan/ton, up 30 yuan/ton week on week.


27 morning Tangshan Qian ‘an square billet factory price from yesterday stable 3650 yuan/ton, storage spot tax reported 3730 yuan/ton. In the morning, the billet market was weak, and the price of downstream finished products was stable.
The following is the price and transaction details of Tangshan:
【 Section steel 】
Tangshan steel: The price is stable operation, the current mainstream steel price I-steel 3960 yuan/ton, Angle steel 3980 yuan/ton, channel steel 3970 yuan/ton, low terminal demand, the overall transaction is weak.

【 Strip steel 】
Tangshan 145 strip market mainstream price is stable than yesterday, the market mainstream price of 3940 yuan/ton, weak transaction.
Tangshan 355 strip market price is stable than yesterday, spot mainstream 3920 yuan/ton, market forward 30 yuan/ton higher than spot resources, weak transaction.

R-C (1)
【 Hot rolling, cold rolling base 】
Tangshan open plate market price is more stable than yesterday, the mainstream market 1500 wide open flat board 4040 yuan/ton, manganese open Ping 4190 yuan/ton. Prices are firm and the market is trading moderately.
Tangshan cold rolling base material market price is stable than yesterday, the mainstream market 3.0*1010 is 3990 yuan/ton; 3.0*1210 is 3990 yuan/ton. The price is mainly quoted, and the transaction is weak.
【 middle plate 】
The price of Tangshan thick plate was stable yesterday, 14-30 general board reported 4050 yuan/ton, and low alloy reported 4250 yuan/ton. This morning’s offer is stable, turnover is moderate.

【 Pipe 】
Tangshan welded pipe price, galvanized pipe price is stable, 4 inch 3.75mm new national standard hot-dip galvanized pipe, Tangshan Huaqi reported 4740 yuan/ton; 4 inch welded pipe Tangshan Huaqi reported 4100 yuan/ton, the transaction is weak.
Tangshan market disc buckle steel scaffold price is stable, 2.5m vertical rod 5450-5470 yuan/ton, 0.9m cross rod 5360-5370 yuan/ton, inclined tie rod 5120-5150 yuan/ton, including tax weighing. Sales are weak.
【 Building Materials 】
Tangshan construction steel market price is temporarily stable, now three large thread 3850 yuan/ton, three small thread 3860 yuan/ton, disc screw 3980 yuan/ton, the market price is temporarily stable, the transaction is not good.
Tangshan steel supply and demand this week

Billet profit: this week Tangshan mainstream sample steel plant average hot metal excluding tax cost of 3000 yuan/ton, the average billet tax cost of 3854 yuan/ton, down 15 yuan/ton week on week, compared with January 27 current billet factory price 3650 yuan/ton, steel mill average loss of 204 yuan/ton, week on week reduced 95 yuan/ton.

Billet supply and demand: The daily takeaway volume of billet from 30 sample enterprises in Tangshan and surrounding areas is about 40,500 tons this week, which is a decrease of 0.49 million tons week on week. During the research period, the volume of billet take-out decreased slightly, steel enterprises independently reduced the volume of billet take-out, and other take-out volume decreased due to unstable billet sales.
This week, the average daily consumption of billets in 55 sample rolling enterprises in Tangshan was about 43,500 tons, a decrease of 0.43 tons week on week. During the research period, the capacity utilization rate of the downstream billet rolling mill decreased slightly, and the billet demand was affected by this. At 8 o ‘clock on the 26th, Tangshan began to limit production due to environmental protection, and most of the billet rolling mills were affected to stop production, and the demand for billets in the later period was affected or reduced.

Post time: Jan-27-2024